Want MORE pro-level tutorials to give your floral artistry strong roots?

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What's Included

I’ve hand-picked these foundational tutorials specifically to teach budding floral artists the need-to-know preparation steps to take to get beautiful arrangements that last.

Understanding Oasis

How to prep and work with the base that will keep your florals flourishing.

Taping the Vase

My go-to methods for getting my arrangements to shape up just right!

Processing Hydrangea

The secrets to keeping your blooms alive for longer.

Rose Quality

What to look for when purchasing your roses so you get the most longevity and vitality for your money!

Hydrating & Prepping your Flowers

The pro steps most people skip that get your flowers "design ready" ahead of time.

Flower Food

What it is, what it's for, and what you can use instead!

Tools that you Need to get Started for Designing

All of my go-to tools I use nearly every day when designing floral arrangements.

Sold separately, these floral trainings would cost $250, but are yours today for just $17.